LADY SHELLBoxSpring upholstered bed


BoxSpring upholstered bed

Its design is a combination of shapes, straight lines and emotions transposed into carefully processed textures and materials. This bed takes any bedroom out of anonymity, bringing an extra refinement and good taste.

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What defines us as a company is the fact that all the beds, including the mattress, are customized for each client, down to the smallest detail.

In the posed models, the size of the backrest was made according to the size of the room. The height of the rest area (the height at which the mattress ends) was determined according to the height of the customers, their preferences and whether or not there was underfloor heating. The mattress was made according to the weight distribution of each partner.

Therefore, in order to be able to give you a price quote, we need you to communicate in the spaces below some details about the desired bed and a consultant from our company will contact you as soon as possible.

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Recomandam cu incredere paturile amiwhite tuturor! Calitatea este maxima, multumim Bogdan!

Fam. Staneiu , Brasov , 21 Apr 2021

Un pat foarte frumos, recomand cu încredere.

Ecaterina Anagnoste , Constanta , 28 Apr 2021

Pana la achiziționarea acestui pat nu prea mă odihneam bine. Se doarme foarte bine, este comod și elegant. Recomand din toată inima Ami White.

Petre , Bucuresti , 06 Apr 2021

Un pat cu spătar foarte elegant, realizat cu materialele de foarte bună calitate și perfect din toate punctele de vedere. Mulțumim echipei Ami White pentru seriozitate și profesionalism. Recomand!!!

Gabriela Pupăzan , Vulcan , 20 Dec 2020

Un pat făcut la comanda, care a ieșit așa cum mi-am dorit! Mecanismul electric este excelent atunci când vrei sa ai o poziție mai buna pentru privit la TV sau citit o carte! Iar salteaua este super confortabila. Alegerea ei am făcut-o după ce am testat-o in show-room-ul din Pipera. Recomand!

Rizescu Gabriela , Bucuresti , 29 Mar 2021

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